On the Horizon

Happy New Year! I always love an honest and forthcoming intro, so for those like me who might want to “get to the point” here is an organized and detailed thesis statement:

Yes, this is going to be a blog post about 2018 and the year to come. For the sake of being cliche, I promise to not use the word “resolution” anywhere.

(Your face when you figure out that I’m going to write a blog post about the New Year without using the word resolution. How can it be done??)

It’s simple, as much as I’m a big believer in goal-setting, I’m a skeptic and I despise empty promises with no action steps. I don’t want a laundry list of goals I know I can’t meet or dreams that lack intention. I want a journey.

In thinking about the year to come, the phrase “on the horizon” came to mind. Which produced a beautiful mental visual similar to this:

I dug deeper into the phrase and I was fascinated with what I found. The obvious definition in its most literal form is “the line that divides the earth and the sky”. Very much matching the picture I visualized above. The “intersection” if you will, providing a definite boundary between what “is” and “what could be”. This language worked for me. It helped me define what’s on my “horizon” for 2018. I want to look at what is “now” (reality/earth) and see the beauty of what could be (opportunities/sky).

Here are just a few of the opportunities I envision for my 2018:

  1. Opportunities to learn and have personal growth. Continue to be a student of those around me and seek knowledge from their stories and experiences. Read books written by wise women and men. Self explore through meditation and ask questions that keep conversations in motion. Professionally, I want to grow in my ability to manage another person and learn skills that make me a better marketer and relationship builder.
  2. Opportunities to experience the city of Indianapolis and beyond. I desire to save my pennies and do some more “experiencing” in 2018. I bet these opportunities exist in many forms, some of which I can’t even envision yet! I’d like to attend more sporting events and see venues I’ve never been to before. I’d love to experience cool concerts and reconnect with music in whatever city makes sense. I want to experience nature and the beautiful sites of our flat state (and hopefully other not so flat ones). Seeing more culture, other cities, other humans, other “world” is necessary in 2018.
  3. Opportunities to solidify. As stereotypical “millennial” and free spirited as the above goal sounds, it is followed by the desire to be grounded, or further solidify in 2018. I envision solidifying in my finances, welcoming stability in my career and grounding myself in the deep love of my marriage. I will always welcome change and new experiences with open arms, but there is something so comforting about feeling solid within myself and in my small piece of the universe. To me, solidifying is the absence of chaos and the presence of peace and contentment.

The above opportunities are my “sky”. They are beautiful goals with purposeful and intentional steps to help them be achieved. They don’t limit me in my thoughts or become boxes I can easily check off. They are fluid in nature and push me every day towards consistent evolution and towards a better version of myself.

What opportunities are you seeking out in 2018? What goals or bucket-list items are you hoping to cross off your list? Contact me if 2018 leads you to having digital marketing needs or a desire for connection! Happy to collaborate on ideas, have coffee, create partnerships and keep on learning together.

(Oh and PS, I wrote a blog on the New Year without using the word “resolution”.)


4 thoughts on “On the Horizon

  1. Robyn, I so appreciate your direct and clear-minded approach to living; you inspire me to see life through a different lens. And I’ve already begun a (brief) list of opportunities, for myself, this coming year. Thank you!


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