The Power of Curiosity 

I’m feeling particularly uninspired recently. It is evident in the lack of blog posts and any real motivation. I blame day light savings time. Because for real, who isn’t effected by the extra darkness and brutally cold temps? (Raise your hand… come on now.) 

In my lack of motivation, (or constant couch lounging) I’ve done a little less talking and a lot more listening. It is in this time of listening that I’ve heard this quiet ring in my head that keeps getting a little louder. Like a church bell off in the distance. It grows louder as you draw near. Or for all you millenials out there, it’s the one rare time your phone isn’t on silent, yet you have somehow misplaced it. Your friend is now calling it to locate it. You hear it softly ring and you feel the hum of the vibration as it stirs in between the couch cushions or car seats. 

The word that keeps popping up is “curiosity”. A gentle whisper day after day to remain curious. Curious about how my husband’s day was, or a sense of curiousness in the workplace to uncover the “why” behind how we do things. This curious whisper has gently pushed me to ask more questions and try to gain an understanding of those around me and the shoes they walk in. In times of pride I have heard “remain curious” and in times of sadness or hurt I have felt a gentle nudge towards curiosity. 

Now I’m no scholar, and for Mean Girls reference #2, I’m far from a mathlete. 

But I can’t help but think there is something to this curiosity thing. There is a formala hidden somewhere within these whispers that I’m searching to make sense of. I can’t shake the feeling that I’m like 4 or 5 squares away from solving the Rubix’s cube. However this “ah-ha” moment has yet to strike me. 

Some of the thoughts that have crossed my mind give me glimpses into the intense “power” if you will, of curiosity. Like, we are taught that curiosity killed that cat. That seeking and asking bring pain, suffering and ultimately death. But what if rather, curiosity inspired that cat? What if curiosity lead that cat to all new places? What if curiosity built a bridge over the pond of discomfort and lead that cat to a deeper understanding of what is truly on the other side? 

[INTERRUPTION: Any actual cat owners out there are instantly seeing lots of memes in their heads that look similar to this:] 

All laughs aside, I have to believe (or better yet) I want to believe that there is something to the phrase “remain curious”. For me personally, it has drawn me closer to a spot of tenderness and of humility. It has reminded me that the greatest thing I can do is simply ask questions. In my opinion, it is our ability to be curious that connects us all a little closer and shows a light on humanity that we so easily forget. 
****Thank you for reading. Seriously, I appreciate it. As always, if the language I use is not language you can relate to, please feel free to translate into language that is meaningful for you. Always open to hearing your thoughts and perspectives on this topic as I remain curious. Yes, pun intended. 😊 ****

3 thoughts on “The Power of Curiosity 

  1. I love this one, Robyn. As someone who always has a million questions to ask, I can really relate. Curiosity has gotten me “more” and farther 9x out of 10. Although the questions I sometimes have may seem VERY insignificant and a waste of time to those in the room, (and that’s if I’m comfortable enough to ask them out loud), the responses mean a great deal to me. Any intelligible response will get you further understanding if you care and are curious enough. Thinking never stops, my brain never stoooppsss. Thanks for posting, Robyn…have never read anyone’s take on this!


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