Who Knew I Would Enjoy the Gray

Friends, family and everyone in between, I see you and I love that your eyeballs are anywhere near this blog post. Obviously I suck and haven’t written a blog in a minute. (Working on giving myself some grace for that!)

If we’re keeping it 💯 life’s been life. A tad chaotic, a bit beautiful, lacking motivation and overflowing with other priorities. I guess you can tell where I rank typing on my phone for the 3 of you who read this. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #thatsthetea

Anyway, getting into the goodness…. If you haven’t heard, I have a new job!! My first day was Monday and how cute and welcoming are my new teammates?!? 😮

Gifts, the most sincere welcomes and hellos, guidance and hand holding, the office tour, trainings, lunch meetings, relationship building, webinars… my first week is wrapping up and it has been lovely. One of those greater than you could have imagined kinds of good.

For me, all of this change is followed by reflection. And I can’t help but see the goodness of this week and think that maybe goodness comes to those who are willing and ready?

I tend to live in a black and white world. Right and wrong. Good and bad. Boxes that need checked. ✅ Lists that need completed. 📝 But over the recent year I have been pushing myself towards “gray”. Digging into the unknown. Challenging myself with the “middle” and learning how to function in a space that is the definition of lukewarm.

I am here to share that this week has been the annoying middle child of parents Mr. Black and Mrs. White…aka GRAY. This week has been the both/and concept. Smack dab in the middle, this first week at a new job has been eye opening.

It is BOTH scary AND fun. It is BOTH rewarding AND hardwork. It is BOTH energizing AND exhausting. BOTH new AND the same ol’ same old.

This week has reminded me that people make the world go round. People make my life awesome and humans are never black or white. We are all a beautiful shade of gray with our flaws and our shortcomings just as visible as our rockstar characteristics. Our valleys just as low as our mountains are high.

I guess in short I’m thankful for humans this week. Grateful for humanity and for every person that has reminded me of the beauty in gray. I never knew I could enjoy this space for what it is without trying to change it. I hope this “new” is only the beginning of accepting more gray.

2 thoughts on “Who Knew I Would Enjoy the Gray

  1. The grey is where it’s at! Getting comfortable with ambiguity and blurry lines can be jarring, yet freeing. Roll with it. You got this!


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