‘Role’ with the Punches

I’m sorry if you clicked on this blog post because you think I can’t spell. You might be deeply saddened to know that my “typo” in the title is intentional and has a purpose. Read on.

Recently I’ve been spending some time thinking about the importance of the various roles I play and the titles I hold. I’m an auntie, and a manager. A wife and a daughter. I’m the planner and the troop-rallier; a sister and a grandchild. I’m the friend who provides jokes and laughs in tough times and unheard of loyalty when it counts. I wear many hats that I’m proud of. I’m not the “many faced-God” from Game of Thrones, or your old two-faced friends from high school. These aren’t roles I play when they are convenient, but rather roles that make me confident in my own skin and my own strengths.


These roles are job titles I know very well. Roles I know are mine. While spending some time on this idea of roles, I quickly arrived at roles I also know are NOT mine. The hats I can’t wear and the titles best suited for others.

Let’s play a quick game of “never have I ever”:

  • Never will I ever be the “tell you what you want to hear” kind of friend or family member. I’m honesty and tough love through and through. I literally don’t know how to play along with questionable choices. I’ll always be the person you turn to for brutal honesty. (Even when you have something in your teeth!)
  • Never will I ever not be the planner. This quality has its good and bad days obviously. In its best form, it brings the fun experiences you’re so grateful someone painfully planned the details for. In its worst form, I struggle with finding peace and contentment in the unplanned moments–always anxious to know what’s next. Leave it to me to plan the fun family games, rally the work troops to be on time to “networking” and have birthday surprises for any and everyone. Planning and facilitating enjoyable experiences is my calling.
  • Never will I ever be the standby aunt. I’m on the swings with my nieces, on the ground with 75 butterfly clips in my hair, and in the splash park on the slides with them. Being immersed in their innocent and joyful world makes me the happiest.
A fun ‘planned’ family Christmas game where we all had to unwrap a gift with oven mitts on. Plenty of laughs to go around!
Matching with my niece Aubrey.
My niece Brenna and her contagious smile.
Hair clips for DAYYYYSSSS!

My greater understanding for ‘Role-ing with the punches’ has immensely helped me be a better human being. The concept to me means ‘bring value where you can and let others bring their value when they can.’ Be your ‘role’ and pack a punch when you know you can make a difference.

There is something so powerful about knowing when I can “help” or “bring value”. It is also comforting to know the times when someone else can bring immeasurable value. Leaning into and relying on the people around me makes it so easy to see the puzzle fit together. I love to sit back and watch the pieces interlock effortlessly.

I’ve put this concept into action at work and at play–with my family members and my co-workers. Appreciating the value others bring to the table allows me to live in a space of gratitude instead of comparison. I feel 100% confident in my strengths. I feel 150% confident when I know my strengths are complimented by someone else’s strengths, and my weaknesses overlooked by their talents.

Know your role(s). Present your value fiercely when you can. Appreciate the roles of others. Life is sweet when lived through this lens. Role with the punches.

Playing into our strengths to Escape the Room with 3 minutes to spare. #Digisquad
The dream team knowing our roles in the photo booth!! (And at the office to facilitate training and change.)
Loving my co-workers for the roles they punch that I can’t.


Forever planning and organizing the perfect “timer” family photo.

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